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Jul 31, 2019
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Strange happenings. Three computers.

#1 Main rig, updated in place via MS from win 7 Ultimate 64 bit to Win 10 Pro-----sfc /scannow has come back clean the last three weeks (a new record, woot!) It is a bit old, but still very viable. AMD 8 core 8320 running 4 GHz, 32 gig gskill 2133 ram, two SSD's, one boot drive, the other storage all on an Asrock 970 Extreme 4. Very smooth and reliable, this rig is about 9+ years old and just keeps humming along. It has gone through many upgrades and 'experiments' over the years, just keeps working like a champ. Really only missing PCI 3.0, which severely limits video card upgradability.

#2 New Laptop, updated from Win 10 home to Win 10 Pro in place with Win 7 Ultimate key, updated very slow spinner to SSD and added an M.2 for storage with Ryzen 5 8 core CPU-----sfc /scannow has come back with errors not fixable, ran DISM.exe sequence and all is good again after second check with the sfc /scannow command. This unit is screaming fast, plenty of love for Ryzen...I check it every week and have to do the restore health sequence, then all is good again.

#3 Project all in one Unit from Dell running Win 10 home (going to do the upgrade to Pro with another valid Win 7 key soon). This unit was an inheritance, reset OS to factory default to get around previous owners login (very EZ to do), cloned ultra slow spinner to SSD, added another stick of ram, then upgraded to 1903. Relatively nice unit now and very quick. It always comes back with a clean sfc /scannow.

Question for guru's that know a lot more than me. Why does the NEW laptop have the errors? I would expect the upgraded #1 to be the problem child (it was at first, but seems to have found its groove), not a new laptop. #3 was just a project unit I was playing with because I like to tinker and build but never a problem even with the clonage and mems upgrade.

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