SetupComplete.cmd Not Running After Installation

Jun 5, 2020
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I've got a SetupComplete.cmd file in my sources \$OEM$\$$\Setup\Scripts folder which from my understanding runs once after installation is completed. I'm trying to do an unattended install and have my autounattend.xml file configured and working as required though I'm struggling with having the setupcomplete.cmd run as I don't see the required results.

For testing purposes, this is what I've got in my setupcomplete.cmd:
wmic cpu get Name > C:\cpu.txt
wmic bios get serialnumber > C:\SerialNumber.txt
devmgmt.msc /s
Neither do I see those 2 files created, nor does the device manager open up.

I'm using an OEM image, and found an article ( which mentions:
This setting is disabled when using OEM product keys.

Is that why I'm not seeing results from the setupcomplete.cmd file? How can I workaround this? Is it something I can achieve via RunSynchronousCommand? I also want to make some more modifications such as adding desktop icons to the desktop and disable sleep on power being connected (even though drivers are not installed).


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