Sleep problems (waking problems)

Sep 13, 2016
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I do not know if this is even a Windows 10 issue.
For four years I would set my HP to sleep after 15 minutes. I would see the power light blinking and know it was asleep.
I could wake it either by hitting the power button or touching a key.
Suddenly, when I try to wake the computer after 15 minutes (or more) of sleep, the computer does not wake up.
The light stops blinking as if it was awake but the screen remains black.
The only way I get the computer back on s to long press the power button, shut down, then start up again.
This seems strange - if I set the sleep mode for 1 minute. there is NO PROBLEM!! It will wake as usual.
I now set the sleep for never and just let the monitor sleep after 15 minutes.
I have tried some setting adjustments I found but no help.


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