Some questions about Backing Up the system

Jun 14, 2015
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I have been trying to prepare for a (long overdue) Backup of Windows 10, using a system image. Unfortunately I have become somewhat confused. I had hoped to use AOMEI Backupper Standard which to me looks clear and easy to follow but for some reason no one has explained it cannot read my (C) drive, which it reports to be unallocated space. So I have started to look for other options. I wish to use a USB Flash Drive.
I have some questions I would appreciate help with:

1. What is the difference between a Backup with a disc image, and a bootable USB drive? For a while I though they were different versons of the same thing but now realise they are not.

2. What clear and simple tools could I consider --- I downloaded and looked at much recommended Macrium Reflect but I do not like it, for me it is over-complicated and confusing. What else?

3. I have examined Windows 10 native tools. Control Panel refers to Backup for Windows 7. Why? I find it thoroughly misleading if I am correct in thinking it is a tool for use in Windows 10.

4. It also refered to File History but that does not provide a Backup for the OS system, drivers,etc. does it? Strangely it reported that File History was turned off / never on, which was news to me as I have a great may File History files on my system, some of which I have used. Why is that, if it has been off? Anyway, I have now turned it on.

5. If I click my Memory Card (F) in the list of potential storage devices which can be used for backup it says it cannot be used because it is not formatted for NTFS. Fair enough as it is formatted for FAT, yet my main Memory Card (D) is not rejected in this way even though it too is not formatted for NTFS but for FAT. Why? It says the USB Drive I had intended for the Backup cannot be used for the same reason.I tought it a simple matter to re-format it for NTFS but found that after a long format it was still shown as FAT. Can my USB Flash Drive be formatted for NTFS?

As you can tell, there are some issues I am far from clear about.


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