Spinning white circle on green background after insider update

Apr 8, 2016
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Today I tried to update my Windows 10 insider preview (fast) system to the latest build. During the first attempt I received a BSOD and rollback. After multiple reboots and cleanups (such as removing kaspersky) I was able to do the update again.

The update completed, since I once had the "hi" screens after login, however after a reboot I am not constantly getting the spinning white circle. (left for an hour), no desktop. This is the 2nd stage with blue background, not the initial loading windows flag. I've since rebooted a few times, but ... nothing ...

I booted a windows 10 USB to attempt to run recovery options but received a message that an update was in progress ("it looks like you started an upgrade and booted from installation media"). I was unable to revert to a previous build, and startup repair didn't help. I can get to the command line but other than copy files there's little else I can do (system is *of course* all backed up anyway to crashplan, and non system drive data looks intact in any case)

Any tips - other than a clean install? perhaps not such a bad thing after over a year of insider builds....


May 6, 2015
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I have just updated two machines to the latest build and they both updated first time. One of them, a Lenovo U310 Touch, has managed all the insider build without having to reset or take a second try since last May when one of those builds upset it. The other, a home built desktop has been fine since it joined the Insider program.
I would note that I have never run any third party AV programs on these machines although I do run MalwareBytes.

I keep meaning to run a clean install on the Lenovo which I'd do after replacing its slow spinner with an SSD but the desktop is also my BluRay player so that will just keep getting the updates.

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