Windows 10 CU / FCU keeps freezing on spinning circles

Mar 28, 2018
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I wasn't able to update my Acer Travelmate 6592 to the latest version of Windows 10 since it freezes on the loading circles after the first reboot, and I'm now receiving the following message :

and still stuck in build 10240, tried to contact the microsoft support, but here is their answer :
Hi Jack,

If your computer can run the early build of Windows 10, it means that the drivers and hardware components of your computer can still support it. Since Windows 10 is always updating, the computer manufacturers should also release updates for their devices' drivers so that these devices can run Windows 10 without any errors.

Since you've already found out that your computer is not compatible to the latest build of Windows 10, it means that the manufacturer haven't released an updated driver that is compatible with the latest build. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of your computer to verify with them if they have an updated version of the drivers of your computer.


I got the same model and same issue ( with same errors ) as this guy, so i'll just attach his error logs :

This is not my first request for help, but I am still not able to update, nor to install a full fresh Windows 10 version on my old Acer Travelmate 6592 !
Actually I am running Win10 Pro 10240 x64 Fr and that is the only version accepted for installation; I tried at least 10 different Win10 creation iso versions but none was able, nor to update nor to launch a fresh install from DVD or USB stick...
All update trials seemed to work and went through all the installation steps but got stuck (computer freezes) on final reboot and fresh installation trials ALL freezes my PC on the windows flag with spinning wheel !!!
What can be the problem ? Ofcourse my PC has a MBR bios (without UEFI); could it be possible that therefore it only accept RTM versions, as is 10240 ???
I need help PLEASE !
Thanks a lot

can anyone help me modify the win 10 ISO build 16299 to make it work ?


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