SSD installation and formatting

Jan 1, 2020
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Having recently installed a new SSD I followed Crucial and various internet advice for formatting. The installed disk is recognized in Disk Management as disk 0, however right clicking the disk as per all the advice I've received does not give initialising or formatting options, but shows the following :-
New Simple Volume
New Spanned \Volume
New Striped Volume
New Mirrored Volume
New RAID 5 Voliume

How should I proceed from this ?
Sep 26, 2017
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Apparently that drive is blank, as-shipped, in which case I first create the New Volume [partition] followed by formatting it. If wanting to install the OS I boot to the install media, CD/DVD or USB Thumb drive I have created using the MCT/Media Creation Tool process on a different computer, boot to it and let that OS create the partitions as it needs. If using the drive only for storage the partition and formatting is all that is needed.

As for RAID, the mirrored and striped are part of it, if using only one drive I stay away from that. And I install the OS with no other drive connected until finished, can cause problems later on.
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