SSD slower than it should be

Oct 25, 2017
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I have an Adata SX8100NP 512Gb SSD (Nvme) that is rated at about 2800 - 3500 mb/s. When it was new about 3 months ago Crystal DiskMark tested at pretty satisfactory speeds. (3350 write and 2286 read) running in Windows 10.

However now it's speed ratings with the same test are only about a third of what they were then. (890 write and 640 read) The disk is only about a third written and doesn't get particularly hard use. All tests are run after restarting and before loading any applications. Task Manager shows disk usage at only around 1%.

I am now running Windows 11 on a pretty new motherboard with 16Gb RAM and a Core i5 10th gen CPU. All drivers show up-to-date although the SSD disk driver and the Nvme interface driver show Microsoft drivers dated 2006! SSD and Nvme devices didn't even exist then so I'm not too sure why that is. (This issue has been explained.)

Any ideas why the disk is reportng such slow speeds? The system itself doesn't feel particularly slow.

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