SOLVED Stop Personal Images From Appearing Within "Ask Me Anything" area

Sep 29, 2016
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When using Windows 10 how do I prevent/disable Windows 10 from automatically showing any (and all) of my currently installed pictures/images stored on my computer hard drive when simply asking Windows 10 a question or simply doing a search within the “Ask Me Anything” area in the bottom left corner of Windows 10?



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi acvegas,

What you see in the search results is controlled via Windows 10 Indexing Options.

The default settings from memory is Internet Explorer, C drive (or the partition with Windows installed on it) and Program Data, plus if you have it installed and running OneDrive folders both online and offline.

The C drive (or partition with Windows installed on it) of course will include any location that contains picture files you have on your computer, plus if you are syncing to OneDrive those same images may well be there too.

The other folder that will most likely contain images is Microsoft's Photos album generated by the Photos app.

If, while searching, you do not wish to see images appear in the search, or in the sub-screen below search results you will need to manage your Indexing by doing the following:
  • Press Windows key and S key together to give focus to the Search box
  • In the Search box type Indexing Options then press Enter key

    This will open the following window


    These are the default settings of places for it to index.

  • To change indexing options click the Modify button

    This will open the following window


    In this window you can see in the top panel items checked. Any item checked will be included in the Indexing and this appear in a search pane. Thus remove checks next to any item you do now want indexed there.

  • Next click the show all locations button

    This opens the following window


    Again remove checks
    next to any item in top pane you wish to exclude from being indexed.

    You will notices next to OS (C:) there is a > symbol. If you click this > symbol you can expand C drive like when you are in File Explorer, then select any folder you know contains images you do not want seen in your search pane and make sure there is no check mark next to it.

    Sample Image after clicking the > symbol


    When done click the OK button.

  • You will now be back at the original Indexing Options window. In this window click the Advanced button to open the following window:


    In this window click the rebuild button to delete the current indexing, and rebuild a new Index.

    Note: Rebuilding a new index will take some time. You can continue to use search while this is going on, but until it completes your search results may not be complete. You can also continue using computer to do other tasks like email, internet, or playing a game, while the index is rebuilt.

    When done click OK then restart computer for all changes to take full affect.




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