Surface Pen &/or Multi Touch not working or partial working.

Jan 27, 2016
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Seems that many updates/upgrades are also messing with Touch Screen and Pen(s) setting, to either Not working 100% or partially.

open control panel
open device manager
In Device Manager, under Human Interface Devices
uninstall the Intel Precise Touch Device,
then restart the Surface tablet.
It should update the driver
This has solved issues on All Surfaces upto and including Surface 5.


Jan 7, 2022
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Assalamolaikum folks, After trying for like 2 months to solve the problem of "surface pen and multitouch stops working" issue.
I want to bring to you the good news that I have finally solved the problem. You are going to thank me.

What I had done earlier:- ( I have surface pro 6 that I had purchased in DEC 2020)
Tried unistalling HId drivers from device managers,temporarily solved it by enabling / disabling Intel UHD Graphics 620 that
used to make multitouch and pen work for about 10 mins and then to go bust again, but hey thats not a real solution, I
had changed batteries, even brought new nibs, i didnt buy new pen coz i knew it was brand new and couldnt have an issue,
I hadnt tried resetting my whole pc coz that was a shitty idea.

Why i suspected the intel UHD 620 updated drivers:-
Microsoft had launched an update in April 2021 for the intel drivers before which i used to make my weekly team meeting notes
with ease, and then after this update everything got screwed up.

How I solved it.
1. I went to microsoft surface website and checked the surface pro update history and tired to find when did they update the
drivers for intel.(
2.April 2021 was the time I faced the issue and exactly on the month i foudn MS had updated the drivr.
3. The issues had started from Intel Corporation – Display – driver.
4. The last correctly working driver with regards to surface pen and multi touch was
Intel Corporation – Display –
5. We all should have thought about this but we didnt and struggled all this while, but i searched online if there was a way
to download and force install the correct version.
6. I found this website (,en-gb/)
The link will directly take you to the download page for the last correctly working driver.
7. Just download it, install it, read the readme and use the 'have disk' mode of installing the drivers.
8. I know how you all feel that is why i decided to type in all this so we all can fix our surface devices until MS decides
to roll out something that works.
9.Also try to not update the intel driver and suppress it for as long as you can.
10.Thank me. :D

I have no more surface pen and multitouch breakdowns.

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