Taskbar Shortcuts for Web Sites

Jan 29, 2016
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I had to factory reset my Surface Pro 7 running Windows 10. Many hours later all the problems I had were fixed but a new one popped up. I subscribe to two comic strip apps to read the funnies each morning, Comics Kingdom and GoComics. When I open Comics Kingdom in Chrome I can follow the normal procedure to create a shortcut which is in my taskbar. Not so with GoComics. When I contacted them they said their web site was not configured to allow that. (???) I have their shortcut in the taskbar of my desktop computer and it has worked fine for years but I don't remember how I created it. Anyway, to try to work around this I created a Google shortcut: "https://www.gocomics.com" on my desktop and changed the icon to match that of the Go Comics logo. The problem is that it will not allow me to pin it to Start or the taskbar. I even tried one suggestion to remove the shortcut overlay in the registry but that didn't make any difference. Any ideas since Go Comics doesn't seem to care?

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