thought I would help for a change Driver up dates

Michael Bell

Mickey B
Oct 18, 2015
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Recently used a driver up date software I bought. After up date I had no Audio . Tried trouble shooter it said there was a problem but could not fix it. I then walked away and did some thinking.
Issue had to be the up dated drivers remembered the soft ware created A resorted point before up dating. I some how got to the restored to a earlier restore point( Windows has to lake it easier to do) and after a wait it restored my system to a time before the driver up date.
Why I do not know I went to settings / checked for up dates and it put back the drivers , the driver up date wrongly replaced. It took a couple up times checking up dates but windows replaced all the original drivers.
Check for fragment hard drive all things where good and of I went my audio running fine.
Can some one at Windows Teck created a restore to a earlier time short cut to do a restore if needed???


Jun 9, 2017
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Well I for one have taken this into my own hands, I use Macrium Reflect to create disk images, and partition images, so if I have an issue I just restore the image taken before the issue. I also have driver updates turned off in Windows update. If I need a newer driver I download it from my manufacture website that are compatible with my notebooks or desktops. I usually run a full image every time a major upgrade come out just as 1909 came out last fall then Incremental back ups to that image before installing new software or windows regular Tuesday updates. 100% reliability and I don't have to search around and hope windows created a restore point that may or may not restore me. I guess its just me but I like to be in control of my own computers. Tutorial how to use Macrium Reflect

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