Total system freeze/lock-up consistantly after 5 min idle (always DIFFERENT "cause")

May 14, 2017
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Ever since (several times updated) v1703 my HP 840 EliteBook with powerful correct SSD and continually updated everything (incl. all drivers) will totally freeze/lock-up the entire system including the clock after 5 minutes idle (moving the cursor will reset the time limit). This also happens if it is in Sleep mode. The physical off-button and then starting always fixes it. Reliability history ALWAYS shows DIFFERENT paths and DIFFERENT failure "causes".

I have followed basically ALL the available online advice and the only cure I have not tried is disabling C-states in the (also updated) BIOS because there is no way to get into that in this HP device/BIOS. I have noted that many users have similar problems and that MS pussyfoots around but has no real idea (so there is no point in a re-install .... AND the problem started with v1703 and not with WInX Pro before that).

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