Trouble with photos/sd card, new laptop, Nikon D5200

Mar 14, 2017
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Recently I purchased a new laptop with Windows 10 OS. Since I started using the new laptop I am having multiple issues that all revolve around uploading and editing photos that I did not have on the old laptop.

1- When I try to upload an individual or group of photos from my SD card using file explorer the card keeps resetting. I loose the file explorer window and the card restarts. When this happens I loose everything I have done in that session.

2- When I tether my camera via a USB cable it will only read the photos once from a particular SD card. Once the camera is turned off or the cable disconnected it will no longer recognize the camera at all. I only have 4 SD cards and it has happened with all of them.

3- I can no longer upload photos directly to the Nikon program that worked fine with Vista. I did an update to the latest version that Nikon says should solve that problem but it does not.

I'm using a Dell 3552 laptop, Windows 10 OS, Nikon D5200 and Nikon View NX2 program.

Any ideas


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