Trying to map a previously mapped networked drive does not show

Oct 15, 2017
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I am using a Windows 10 64 bit Desktop laptop...

I had been using my 2 hard drives which were plugged in by USB 3.0 to my router on my desktop computer. something came up and without thinking I unmounted the 2 hard drives on the router page while listening to some music. When I restarted in "This PC" I would click the network drives and it either said windows cannot access or location cannot be found, So i right clicked them and clicked disconnect.

These drives work perfectly on my other devices (Android Mobile and Windows 10 Laptop)

When i click "map network drive" i cannot see my hard drives on the list when browsing for them. When entering the names manually it shows this messaage.



I followed a few steps i saw on other sites/forums. I ensured Network Discovery was enabled, i checked all the services were still enabled and they were both as they should be for this feature to work. I tried mapping the drive in command prompt and it came up with "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found"

I tried switching the router on and off too

Thank you in advance for responses intended to help.
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May 6, 2015
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You probably have to 'remount' those drives on the router.
If your router has specific instructions for connecting drives then follow those.

Otherwise I'd try.
I would 'disconnect' those drives from the PC using file explorer, i.e to unmap them.. Then I would , power off the router( unplug the power plug and count to 20),unplug those drives, power it back on and then plug the drives back in to the router.

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