TV/Monitor black screen after exiting some games

Aug 9, 2015
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Noticed a curious issue, don't know if other people have, but on some of the games I've tested when leaving the game it can cause my TV/Monitor on hdmi connection to go into a no signal state as if GPU stopped sending signal. Not sure if this is a GPU driver (Since there is no newer version available I can't tell if that is the cause) issue although sound or music etc would typically still be working when it's happened if I had something playing in backdrop.

As per always on a new install, always using the latest supported drivers for everything, as well as turning off all those horrid power saving features, being a performance rather than cost of running it type of guy.

Any ideas? or just suck it up till new GPU drivers land from Nvidia.

i7 3770k @ stock
Asus Z77 mobo
16gb DDR3 2400mhz
Palit gtx980 4gb (Super Jetstream edition) v353.62 (manually updated after the windows update version)
Samsung 40" Screen via Hdmi
Various SSD/HDDs inside

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