Unresolved Errors eg 7023 Service Control Manager MS Passport...access denied

Jun 6, 2016
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Hi All,

I have been waiting for Microsoft to resolve some errors for a very long time. I know, I know, haven't we all... For Example, Error 7023 Service Control Manager The Microsoft Passport Container service terminated with the following error: General access denied error.

Well, I have just a mere 8,416 instances of this error in my event logs!!! Whenever I have searched for resolutions to this and another couple of persistent errors, I get, "No resolution to date. Date Microsoft working on it".

Well Microsoft rolled out the 1607 Anniversary update to my machine, a couple of days ago. No I didn't rush out and get it.... lol. I really don't want to get off topic with all the other undesirable effects 1607 had on my machine and overall computing experience.

But I did notice the Error resolutions I have been waiting for since my update to 10 did NOT arrive with this update. In fact, not only did it not seem to fix any of the errors they have supposedly been working on, but rather it introduced a few more for me.

In fact, I believe this particular error and "Microsoft Working on a resolution" pre-dates the Win 10 release. Please correct me if I am wrong. So Microsoft, Just how long does it take to find a resolution to this problem?

To me, it seems the anniversary update was more focussed on uninstalling things, undoing tweaks, and customizations we obviously want, in order to force us to look at more stuff we may not want. Hey, don't get me wrong! MS has most definitely advanced my computing experiences over the years,

But what's with the attitude they don't have to fix the current bugs that are slowing down our machines thus taking away from our computing experience?
Anyway, I've rolled back, to 1511, and blocked the anniversary update until another day. Perhaps after I get some current errors resolved and my machine back in good running order, I may entertain looking at some of the new features of 1607.

I suspect it has something to do with MS wanting us to be logged into a microsoft account through some passport software that likely wants our credit card numbers so we can purchase offerings from their store with a mere click of the mouse. And I probably did something with the attitude of "not in this lifetime" or something. But hey? That's ok isn't it?

Can I assume many others here have their system event logs populated heavily with this error?
Has anybody received anything positive from Microsoft on the error and resolution?

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