USB mice stop working after several sleeps

Oct 1, 2017
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I usually put my laptop to sleep instead of shutting it down. After a couple of days my mouse will stop working. I tried other mice with cable and wireless, but none works. I have to restart to fix it. In DeviceMonitoringStudio I can see the USB mice connected and sending commands, but the mouse cursor doesn't move. The internal touch-pad works fine.

I think this all started when I had a Logitech Bluetooth mouse that I share with another PC. So I would switch the profiles and windows occasionally recognized a new mouse. Now my device manager looks like this:

I don't use any Logitech mouse anymore and tried to uninstall all drivers and Logitech software but I can't fix the issue. I also tried devmanview-x64 and DriverStore.Explorer.v0.8.3.

I hope to get some tips and inputs how I can tackle this. Thanks so much in advance!


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