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Sep 14, 2023
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Hi and hello to all,
IM a newby so please be gentle;) I have a problem with the code 38 and after trying many ways to sort it I still have a problem.
Then after looking at the device manager I see there seems to be 2 of just everything, is this normal or have I made a boo boo,I cannot back up and my headphones dont show and many other usb connections all fail with code 38. Can anyone point me in which direction I should go, because of right now Im
pulling my hair out
Regards Dave


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Sep 26, 2017
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I haven't had that particular code but when seeing a USB issue I first shut the computer down and remove/unplug any power source, plug back in and try again. If getting the failure again I use unplug the devices then in Device Manager I Uninstall the devices then reboot and start plugging back in. An example, just had to do that a couple days ago with the internal Wireless adapter on a Notebook due to slow network service. I have a Win10 Desktop with an add-in USB 3 card [for additional ports] than will occasionally lose itself and shutdown then reseating the power cord fixes it.

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