Used to be able to Reload in Internet Explorer mode through Microsoft Edge but now cannot.

Jul 18, 2016
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Over a period of the past 3 years, I have had a very expensive CCTV circuit put in around my house. The software that works with my cameras will only work with Internet Explorer. Until a day or so ago I could open Microsoft Edge, press the 3 horizontal dots representing ‘Settings and more’ on the top right of Microsoft Edge. I could then click on ‘More tools’ and at the very bottom of the menu it would say, ‘Reload in Internet Explorer Mode.’ Then, in Internet Explorer mode, I could put my IP address into the address bar and my software would come up so that I could log into it and control my PTZ CCTV cameras. Without this software, my very expensive CCTV installation is rendered useless as I am unable to control it.

As I say, this option was there up until a day or so ago. I’ve since had a couple of updates from Microsoft that has probably taken this option off of the menu now.

What I want to do is, rollback until the time that this option was on the Microsoft Edge / Settings and more / More tools / menu. How can I find the prerequisite number of that menu item so that I can add it back into my system? Or can I do something like a backup and restore to get the option back that way?

Please help me somebody as I desperately need this option back on my system for now. I’m sure there is someone knowledgeable out there that knows how to do this.

I know Internet Explorer will be departing next year but I’m hoping by then, the software I use at present will be able to be used direct from Microsoft Edge. I hope Microsoft are listening to people such as I. The reason being, there will be thousands if not tens of thousands of people in similar circumstances to mine who use CCTV cameras. The CCTV software should be made so that I can put my IP address direct into the Microsoft Edge Address Bar so I won’t need to use Internet Explorer 11 anymore.


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