Usually, sounds are slowed way down!

Nov 14, 2018
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For most of the last several days, my computer's sound output (using nVidia GeForce GTX 750) has been slowed down by 80 or 90%! How can that possibly happen?

Usually a reboot doesn't fix the problem. Even when I run the audio troubleshooter, the sound frequencies remain absurdly low. At one point I thought the problem might be with VLC, but playing any sound or video file with WMP or whatever, the problem is the same. I tried playing them on my other Win 10 Pro box and they played just fine, so the problem isn't with the sources (and they play fine with VLC apparently randomly).

When I go to the Sound control panel, the correct device is set as the default, and when you press "Configure" then "Test", as you go from speaker to speaker, usually you either hear the sound slowed down or no sound at all. But on occasion, some speakers play at the correct speed even while others remain slowed down.

Even the Windows startup sound plays slow, so the problem exists fairly early upon booting up. I've got the latest nVidia drivers installed and I haven't found any malware on my system, so what could possibly cause this weird, but hopefully not inexplicable, problem?

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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