Variable items in the network device list

Feb 16, 2016
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This may be a long/convoluted post.
System: Acer, Win 10 Home,Ver: 21H2, OS Build:19044.1466, Experience: WFEP 120.2212.3920.0

Many up dates ago I lost the ability to have my Samsung Galaxy 4 and Cannon digital camera recognized. Tried many suggested solutions but nothing worked.
The last MS update restored the system ability to see the devices. That is the good news.
Some time ago I was able to see and access my 2 XP Professional systems from Win 10. After one of the updates, I believe that I lost that access. Computers
are connected via RJ45 connectors.
I have been experimenting with the numerous suggested solutions. SMB1, file sharing, network discover turned on, password turned off. Without doing to the XP systems on one of my solution trips the XPs were visible via the network list. After a power off ad back on, they disappeared. Using the CMD prompt ( under admin) I can ping them. Doing a //computer name iin the CMD window, one will show up in the list. If I repeat the process using the other computer name, the first one is removed from the list. I can remote access them from the network list.

IPV6 is turned off on all computers. My VPN has been on and off during all of the testing.

Other Win 7 computers on the network show up when they log in. My Win 10 computer used to show up in the list, it does not show up now.

My printer shows up as does my NAS HD, along with a few other devices ( modem and scanner).
When I log into my router I can see that the XP computers are logged in.

This has turned out to be a long, unsolved, journey with frustrating results compounded by the sometimes contradictory suggestions.

Seeking additional suggestions/information that might re-instate network visibility for the "missing" computers.

I have programs that only run on XPs and document feeder scanner that I use to archive very old family photos.


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