Version 1803 won't allow windows to remain open

Mar 13, 2017
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Hi-I'll do the best that I can to explain this issue. Following the download of version 1803 I cannot get certain windows from closing immediately once minimized (using FF). If I open internet options, for example, and then minimize it to the task bar & then try to open it as soon as I hit the icon on the task bar the window will open until I move the curser from the task bar & the window instantly closes & returns to the task bar-maddening. If I want the window to remain open in order to open any folder/file within that window I can't-no way! To reiterate, as soon as I move the curser anywhere, normally to the window that I just opened, the window is gone. I just tried to open calculator -same result. AM I being clear? Please help as if this isn't fixed I'll have to try a different browser which I would prefer not to do and am not even convinced the issue won't follow me regardless of where I go. Thanks for any suggestions


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