Visual C++ versions to be uninstalled?

May 2, 2019
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win 10 pro: I see that there are 3 versions of visual c++ that have the same version id, 11.061030.0, 2 of which have the 2012 date & the same size of 20.5 MB: the 3rd one has a date of 2013 & 17.5 MB size.

Also there are 2 versions of 2005, 2008 which has different versions but the 2 2010 apps have the same version id but different sizes.

Considering the above, is it safe to uninstall the dup version regardless of the visual c++ size of should the size be taken into consideration as in keep the one with the largest size? Hopefully the various versions of visual c++ were NOT installed in the same place....... Safe to uninstall the older versions in the case of different versions?
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