Volume Control When Using Mumble and Team Speak 3 when Playing EVE Online

Jun 28, 2016
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I play EVE Online and have two communications channels installed, Mumble and Team Speak 3. While I may have both turned on at the same time I cannot talk on one without bleeding over to the other one, so I will mute one while using another.

Now the problem is that Mumble, which is my primary chat channel, works perfectly with good sound and an adjustable volume. Team Speak, which I use for operations in the game, does not give me the normal volume range, in fact I must have the volume control knob turned all the way up and even then I can barely hear the conversations.

There is a surpress function within Mumble that turns down the transmissions of other communications channels, but I have that option turned off.

Does anyone have an idea on how to rectify this problem. I do not know if it is a MS10 issue.

Thank you.


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