W10 Install Failed but left folders in C:/drive of W7

Jul 30, 2015
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After the install failed (on desktop) w/error '80240020' and stated it was reverting back to the prior OS, I noticed two folders left behind on my OS drive (C:\) as follows:

$Windows,~BT 3.68gb
$Windows,~WS 5.61gb

Should I erase these? Leave 'em alone? What should I do with these now the upgrade failed? I did erase the files and folders in C:/windows/softwaredistribution/download as I've seen on other forums these are the corrupted files. BTW running the CMD prompt as Admin wuauclt.exe/updatenow didn't do a thing.

I would appreciate if someone with imperical knowledge would tell me what I should do with those leftover folders (BT & WS). Thanks.



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Nov 19, 2013
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Those look typically like the update folders that I've seen on my computer.
If the created and or modified dates look very recent ..... like the last 24 to 48 hours my guess is that's exactly what they are and I suspect they could safely be removed / deleted if you are safely back to your former OS and everything seems to be running as well as before, but.....
If you can afford the wasted space, I'd give it a couple days just to be safe and then run cleanmgr.exe and see if that'll get rid of them before manually deleting them.

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