User Name problem after W10 re-install

Nov 21, 2016
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I have recently had to re-install Windows 10 Pro (x64) using an ISO Installation disk downloaded from the Microsoft web site. The re-installation was successful (in that it worked) as was the re-loading of the programs I use. My problem comes from not realising the impact of allowing the installation to name my computer and provide me with a User name. So, restoring my backed up data has created a new User (my previous User name) where all my data now resides but unfortunately not the User which the System regards as the main user. Thus Documents, Photographs etc are not accessed by one click.

I have managed to change the Computer Name easily enough but am nervous at attempting to play with the user name aspect. The last resort would obviously be to start again (though knowing what to look for this time), although I would much rather avoid this if possible. Does anyone know if it would be possible at this stage to “merge” the User names so that programs and data can co-exist once more?

Any assistance will be much appreciated.


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