When Closing Lid My Computer Will Not Shut Down

Michael Bell

Mickey B
Oct 18, 2015
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this is a small issue but annoying , I have two lap tops one no problem but the other its off and on. I have my power settings set so when I close the lid it is suppose to go into sleep mode. Some times it does and some times it does not.
When it does not I have to power down , wait and restart. Once I am up and running I go to power panel / too setting for lid / change to do nothing / save that / go back to closing settings / reset to sleep and save that setting.
For a while it works and then it does not any ideals what to do to fix this ?
Second question
When I do notice the computer has not shut down and open the lid I have no desk top just a blank black screen.


Oct 26, 2016
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Since it is only intermittent working, my guess would be that your computer is performing updates or other tasks that may be scheduled, since it considers the time before sleep as 'idle mode' hence the black screen.
This is just an wild guess but not an impossible one....

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