Where is my mouse control?

May 19, 2015
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Windows 10 build 10074 replaced had my synaptic mouse with a mouse I have no control over. I had a stroke and cannot use tap to click. My page moves, I find myself typing in places I do not want to be in (like previous typing), I am opening windows I do not want to be in. I need to have more control over my mouse and its sensitivity and eliminate the tap to click. I tried to reinstall the synaptic mouse, but get an error. Please Help me control my uncontrolled mouse.


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Nov 19, 2013
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Unfortunately there are various reported issues with the current touchpad driver for your synaptic device.
It seems to be missing some of its' functionality as well as various other issues like Blue Screens, Touch Zones, Gesture Control, etc., etc.
Do you have an option to connect a USB mouse to your computer? If so maybe that may help temporarily until such time as Synaptic can address this issue.
You may need to disable the touchpad (if possible) in device manager to prevent the trackpad from launching unwanted programs while typing on the keyboard and just use the external mouse for the time being.


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