Win 10 on Surface Pro 7 Freezes Up

Jan 29, 2016
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I have had problems with Win10 freezing up on my Surface Pro 7 for a long time. Everything stops and the computer will not respond to any input for a few seconds up to permanently. When I get frustrated waiting, I will tap the power button twice and the laptop will wake up. I also noticed that sometimes when I tapped my wireless Microsoft "Modern Mobile Mouse" on my desk it woke it up everything worked again. Sometimes it did not. Microsoft's answer, after MANY hours of fruitless tech support while the laptop was under warranty, was "send it in, we'll replace the laptop, and you can reinstall everything on it." After doing this twice before, for other Surface Pro issues, I opted to just deal with the temporary freezes and hope that my daily check for Windows updates would one day produce a cure. Recently I noticed that my Device Manager shows two (2) "HID-compliant mouse" devices on my system. I have tried to delete one, but it always shows up again. Now I'm wondering if this might somehow be related to my freezing issue. Any suggestions or ideas?


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