Win32 error code, missing DLL Module, WINDOWS\system32\sysmain.dll"

Sep 20, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I am sure many of our forum users have seen the heading of my thread themselves on their own PC, I am having an issue with my desktop that generates error messages in my event viewer. My DLL module is gone, missing, naada, zip.

I have recovered my system from a nearby lightning strike, (that deactivated my drive, giving me a Black SOD No Operating system found) and 15 simultaneous infections of a nasty Trojan, (Trojan:JS/Tadtruss.A) and from inadvertently allowing my Edge browser to open in a isolated browsing environment which then put part of my SDD into a virtual partition which greatly affected performance, mostly in the latency area.

So with all that in mind I have gotten my OS back to near perfection in terms of speed, reliability, with no glitches or screens of death of death, crashing etc. In fact I never had any issues to deal with aside from reactivating my drive, and fixing the partition issue, I never knew the Trojans were there , (in my FF browser), no speed or other odd behaviors to clue me in on them.

So my post is whether or not I can replace the DLL module and if I dont what would the effects, short or long term be. It is up to date with 21h1 and I ran the registry repair and the imaging fixer with the elevated Cmd Propt but no issues were found. I am hoping not to have to reload Windows, after coming so far...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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