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Dec 11, 2015
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My niece bought a new laptop 15 days was fine..she went to watch video on youtube and these pop ups came up..she closed out the windows and then her screen went green...she has tried to restart her computer several times since, but it wont let her any further than her desktop..when she clicks on even to do a scan..she clicks on the icon to try and open the scan and her screen turns green..she restarts the computer..only way to get rid of it..goes back to the desk top..when she tried to click on anything..she just gets a green screen. she doesnt have to do anything..just turns on her goes to desktop and her screen turns dark green or black..she is running windows 10. Can anyone please help...she is feeling so ill about it..she had been saving for so long, and paid a bit over $500 for her new laptop...please help if you can. It wasnt an upgrade from windows 8, it's a brand new lap top :( Thank you so much in advance

Its an HP notebook 15-af148ca

1 TB hard drive

15.6 display

windows 10

AMD Quadcore A8-7410 accelerated processor
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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Normally, since the computer is brand new, I would suggest that she return the system to the seller and make them, make it right.
Her OOBE (Out of Box Experience) on a brand new system should not be this problematic and certainly watching a video on YouTube should not have produced these problems..
We could chase our tails here and possibly get the system in safe mode and possibly uninstall the graphics driver (if that is even the problem) and reboot the system and let windows update install an appropriate driver for the GPU, but........
Fixing a broken, brand new computer, should not be the job of the end user. It should be the job of the seller (through the store warranty) or of the manufacturer (through their warranty).
I personally, would not attempt any repairs or give anyone an opportunity to blame the user for the condition of the unit.

If there is no critical data on the system, in most instances the manufacturer provides a recovery partition on the system drive that will allow the end user to return the device to a factory fresh state, so.....
You might try that. The information on how to use it, will probably be contained in the documentation she received on purchase or else on line at the manufacturer's support website.

Since that is likely what the seller will do anyway, you would probably be alright getting a jump on them by trying that technique.

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