SOLVED Windows 10 Not Sleeping - Solved!

May 10, 2018
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I found the solution to my problem through another web site and some intuition, but I'll post the resolution here so that others can, hopefully, find it.

My problem was that after a re-installation of Windows 10 (to solve a different Adobe issue), no matter how I set the power settings, my computer would not go to sleep based on a time setting. I had the power button configured to put the computer to sleep, and that worked, but if you just walked away, it never went to sleep.

I found posts that indicated that this issue is tied to the Chrome browser, which I use. I then found that if I close Chrome (I normally always keep it open) the computer will sleep at the time interval selected in the power options. Then, quite by accident, I found that if my tab was not open in Chrome, the computer would sleep, even with Chrome running. A bit more web searching uncovered a comment that having the "Try the Beta" button enabled would cause Outlook to prevent sleeping.

I checked my Outlook account and sure enough, "Try the Beta" was enabled. I shut it off and now sleep works perfectly, even with Chrome open and running. I can't explain this, but I'm glad to finally have the computer functioning correctly again.


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