Windows 10 Phone No Longer Works With Windows 10 PC.

Mar 20, 2017
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So, after the recent updates of Windows 10 in the last few days, my Windows 10 phone (Nokia Lumia 1520 RM-940) will not connect to my PC running Windows 10. Worked fine before the recent updates. As I have a dual boot PC with Windows 7 as the other operation system, my phone connects there with no problem at all. It's just a nuisance to have to switch over when I need to connect the two devices. I have tried all the ideas I can find posted on the internet, but nothing works and always comes back to a driver issue. When I try to update, or re-install the driver for the phone this message always shows up:

"A service installation section in this INF is invalid."

Not sure what happened, but I'd sure like my phone and PC to get along. Thanks for any assistance offered.



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Nov 19, 2013
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As you can see


My Windows 10 Phone is up and running on my Windows 10 desktop, even after this mornings latest cumulative update.
Perhaps have a look in device manager, use the "View" tab on the menu bar to "Show hidden devices".
See if you can locate any and all references to your phone including "Portable Devices"...... right click and uninstall those and reboot and connect your phone.

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