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Oct 1, 2014
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BACKUP QUESTIONS: (1) Apparently the "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)" tool is diminished in the eyes of Microsoft, since it is listed on the Settings > Backup page in a light gray font. However, I just did a backup using it, and it appears to have worked OK. So, is this tool supported by Microsoft?
(2) Is it's apparent diminished status an attempt to get us to go to some other (unknown to me) Microsoft tool, or a third party tool?
(3) What is backed up? The OS only? Includes my apps, including registery entries? Any user data (although I intentionally try to keep user data off my system drive)?
(4) If something happened and I had to restore my system drive, would the recovered OS be the same and would my apps be reinstalled and operating?
(5) What about the two problems encountered during backup ... see attached text file.
The utility is still being used and still referenced on the Settings- Updates- Recovery section. It has basically been diminished since Win 8 was released but is still functioning normally. Others will point out the Built-in utility is not as versatile as some third party utilities and that is the case.

The basic image backup includes the four critical partitions. You can include others if you select them except for specialty OEM partitions as part of a factory image. What are the critical partitions, Recovery tools, EFI System, MSR and OS. A legacy install only has two critical partitions.

Yes, the drive would look exactly as it was when the image was made.

The errors you show mean the file referenced cannot be found. Possibly you have moved parts of the OS to alternate locations?

Be aware the Win 7 utility is made up of two separate components. The image backup is what I am discussing but there is also a File backup which backups files only and is not a recoverable image.


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