Windows keeps adding English language in language settings

Dec 8, 2015
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I use the German and Greek keyboard layouts, and I often need to switch between them. But windows keeps adding an Englishs keyboard several times every day, which I have to manually delete again. I can't just ignore it, because it interferes with switching between the other two languages. Furthermore, there's no straightforward way to delete English; you have to manually add it first (even though it's already been activated by Windows) before you can delete it.
This problem already existed in Windows 8.1, but at lest there was a workaround. In Win 8.1, you could just add German as a secodary layout to the English language, and then set it as primary. This would fool Windows into thinking that you were using English. This no longer works in Win10, because now it detects that you're lacking a German primary language, so it installs it again for you, even though you're already using it, resulting in 4 installed languages, 2 of which are German.

Please, for the love of Cthulhu, I ONLY want German and Greek! How can I prevent Windows from adding English every few hours?

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