SOLVED Windows Update Settings Problems

Oct 21, 2017
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Not sure if this should be under this forum or the general 'Windows 10 support' one, please move if necessary.

I installed Windows 10 (LTSB) for the first time a couple of days ago, and had just gotten everything copied over and re-installed. This morning when I woke up I found that the computer had restarted, presumably from the Windows Update (I had seen it say earlier it needed to restart). That's when the problems started.

After booting this morning things seemed a little slow, then I got a blue screen (critical_process_died). After restarting again things have continued to seem a little slow but no more blue screens. However, I have noticed a couple of other things:

  • I cannot open the "Windows Update Settings" page. Other settings pages will open, windows defender, etc, but when I try to open Update Settings it will just hang and eventually close.

  • In the Start bar Power options, both read "Update and Shut Down" or "Update and restart". However when I try either of them the update never happens and it just immediately shuts down/restarts.

The PC was running fine yesterday, so I'm assuming these problems are stemming from the Windows Update that completed when it restarted overnight. I've tried googling some solutions unsuccessfully, so I thought I'd try here to see if anyone has any ideas. Things I've tried: DISM and sfc scans (both returned fine), Windows Troubleshooting to fix problems on Windows Update (returned 'Service registration is missing or corrupt (fixed), but it didn't actually fix the problem). Would love any other ideas to try.
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