0xc0000221 & 0xc0000225 ntoskrnl.exe not found/No Boot Possible

Mar 11, 2021
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Hi everyone,

In short, my PC won't boot after recovery using EaseUs TDB free version.

More details:
Windows 10 Enterprise (cannot provide exact version but must be 2004 or very close to it, more like 19XXXX)
GPT boot

I have three physical disks - C, D and E (all either NVMe or SSD). C is the operating system drive, D is more or less multimedia and back-up drive, and E is a gaming or programmes drive. All my EaseUs To Do Backup back-up files are stored on drive D. What happened is a programme has been acting weird and I have been backing the entire drive C up incrementally on a weekly basis so I decided to revert to the overall system backup state from one week ago. The recovery has been straightforward and with no errors (so was the backups creation). Upon reboot however I was greeted with 0xc0000221 and 0xc0000225 errors where none of the start-up/boot recovery options would work. I inserted a bootable Windows USB flash drive which gave me more options and I found that out of all my listed drives my system drive C is now named F and is listed as disk 2 in comparison to how generally it should appear, i.e. disk 0 and C.

I presume EaseUs renamed the partitions and now Windows couldn't find its files. I tried different options like bootrec fixes and renaming files but so far with no success. This was all supposed to be a really straightforward process as I was recovering a full physical disk, i.e. C to C, not partitions, however I am now left with a broken PC. The BIOS in its boot section sees drive C and its boot manager, however cannot boot. I used to have WinPE (pre- lock screen recovery option) as part of the EaseUs TDB set-up and when I inserted the bootable Windows flash drive, I can see two "Operating Systems", however none of them seem to work, I also cannot reach the WinPE stage as Windows won't start booting at all. Also, no System Restore or Start-up Repair options do anything. System Restore is empty despite generally having different Restore Points before the recovery and Start-up Repair couldn't fix the problem.

Any guesses or advice that you can provide so I can save my system without reinstalling Windows? Using Notepad within the console I can see my other drives look intact, C also looks OK but I have never been in such a situation before and frankly, never expected this after a straightforward procedure that was supposed to be absolutely painless.
Is the back-up format EaseUs utilises accessible to other system recovery software? For example, if I reinstall Windows, can I use the existing back-ups to recover my C drive using another programme (the back-up format seems to be PDB)? Any other ways to get the system to boot?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am also considering possible Windows re-installation, re-installing EaseUs To Do Backup and trying to use a different back-up image since the back-up scheme has been incremental so I am unsure as how the software handled the different images. I may try an earlier one. Just a consideration currently although I will be thinking over comprehensively before going this way.


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