1/6/18 Windows 10 update screwed up my printing (on Epson Workforce 630)

Nov 23, 2017
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Windows 10 just shoved another update down my throat on 1/6/18, and now I cannot print properly. Every time I try to print on my Epson Workforce 630, the Epson status monitor says "Page 0/0" (see attached image), whereas normally, it is supposed to say "Page <current page>/<total number of pages>". The stupid thing then just sits there. However, when I open the Epson printer queue, it says "Printing", even though it doesn't actually print.

This problem is not unique to one particular application. I tried to print a stinking 1-line notepad file containing the word "Test", and that did not work either.

Absolutely DISGUSTING. . . .

(We need to issue an arrest warrant for the Windows programmers that are coming up with these stupid "updates")


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