Amd radeon HD 7700 No signal after restart+ driver error 45

Jan 3, 2022
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alright i need help this is the second time i have this issue not sure how i fixed it the first time but i did so i know the graphic card is working

no signal showed up so i then turned off the computer and pluged it in the onboard video so i could see something
after that i did a system restore to try to get a rollback on what happen during the restart
(note that once i did a system restart and it did fix this issue but i was lucky enough that when i restarted my computer i had pluged it back on the graphic card and it happened to see it)
this time i restored while pluged in to the onboard video after i opened device manager and found amd radeon 7700 had error 45
the system think its unplugged i then uninstalled the drivers for amd used DDU program to unsitall all amd drivers and tried reinstalling them manually but the system doesn't detect the card i even went in the bios to change the onboard video to the graphic's card but the bios doesn't see the card there's only the onboard showing up in boot section

last time this got fixed after by factory resting the pc and still it would not detect the card but 1 week after using the computer when i turned it on a system message told me that i was pluged in onboard and there was a graphic card pluged in the motherboard and not to have hdmi plugged onboard unless multiple screens is enabled even tho its always been disabled pluged the card back in a couple of times i did a sfc scan here is the results.

this issue is really annoying i know the card is working its the same error over and over again how do i force my system to see the card so i can install the amd drivers for the card or maybe force the driver installation please help me fix this i tried almost everything


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