SOLVED .ani and .cur Icons Not Showing Thumbnails

Mar 4, 2018
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I've been doing a bit of mucking about with cursor icons lately, and downloaded a few I thought were interesting. Using Explorer, I went to c:\Windows\Cursors, and I could see all the thumbnails, great.

I wanted to tweak some of them, so I downloaded a cursor editor (RWCursorEditor) and used it. Then I thought I'd associate both .ani and .cur to the program, so I could just double-click in Explorer to open an .ani or.cur in the editor. Great.

Problem is - as soon as I made that association, I lost all the thumbnails. Now Explorer just shows the RWCursorEditor icon for all of my .ani and .cur files.

I reset all of my file associations, think that might fix it - it didn't. All of my .ani and .cur files started having no icons associated at all - so they just showed the default icon that looks like a page of paper.

I've also fiddled with the settings in the View tab of the Folder Options dialog. I've tried every combination of the 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' and 'Display file icon on thumbnails' settings that there is - none of them made the slightest difference.

Oh, if it makes any difference:-
- Windows 10 Enterpise

- Version 1709

- OS Build 16299.248

- 8.00 GB- 64-bit

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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