Auto login on multiple user account at start up

Apr 17, 2022
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Greetings friend,

So I have several computers running that has multiple of user account on Windows 10, each of them perform specific program task. But my issue is when I have to restart the computer, then I have to manually log on each user, which can sometimes be abit time consuming.

So I was wondering if anyone know a way to auto login multiple of user at start up?


Start up - > AutoLogin User1 - > AutoLogin User2 -> AutoLogin User3 -> AutoLogin User4 -> AutoLogin User5


Startup -> AutoLogin User1 -> Manually Login User2 -> Manually Login User3 -> Manually Login User4 -> Manually Login User5

I know I can set windows to automatically log on one user at a time, but not more than one.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate all of the helpful information provided. :)


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