Backing up win 10 store apps

May 30, 2016
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Have a format/reinstall getting ready to happen. Needing to back up windows 10 store apps and games. Wanting to copy to external hdd so hopefully to not have to redownload 50gb games as I only have 6mb dsl (all I can get where I live).

Not even sure it will work but it does for steam, origin etc. When I try to copy the folders to external hdd I get this message "do you want to copy this folder without encryption, a problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted". Couldn't figure out what to do after that. I saw something on google about decrypting but it's a lengthy process it seems on such large folders and I'm not sure if they would need reencrypted once moved back to folder after reinstall of windows or what. Can any one help? Thanks in advance!

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