Blue Screen DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION while watching YouTube Videos. PC Does Not Boot Past Bios Splash Screen. Dump file provided

Oct 19, 2023
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When I attempt to turn on/restart my PC, the PC almost never boots past the Bios Splash screen. The same error occurs consistently: The small screen on my motherboard displays code “F3” while the Bios Splash screen is displayed and my keyboard and mouse have power (It stays like this for maybe 4 seconds); then the screen flickers once and the motherboard displays code “B1” and my keyboard and mouse lose power. From this point on, the PC will never boot into Windows no matter how long I wait and the Bios logo is displayed on the monitor. Sometimes the same situation will occur, but the spinning dots on the Bios Splash screen will move incredibly slow and freeze and the PC will never boot into Windows.

I only seem to be able to boot into Windows (not reliably) successfully if I shut off the PSU and fully remove PSU cable from wall outlet and let it sit there for over several minutes or even over an hour or so.

While I am booted in, the PC seems to work completely fine in games and just scrolling the internet. Consistently while watching YouTube videos, the PC starts to stutter/freeze and the PC’s rgb lights completely freeze. If I stop what I am doing sometimes it will subside and it will operate back to normal if I close the video, but if I continue to watch the video it will freeze and I get a blue screen with DPC watchdog violation code.

Latest Dump File:

Solutions I have tried:

- Resetting CMOS


- Swapping GPU’s

- Altering Ram stick configuration

- SFC /scannow does not show anything

- Altering SSD configuration

- Swapping Motherboards

- Updating Bios

- Enabling/Disabling Fast Boot

- Booting off a windows USB drive

My hardware is:

DARK hero crosshair VIII motherboard

4090 PNY

Ryzen 7 5800X CPU

Western digital SN 850X 2 tb

Samsung 970 evo 1Tb

TridentZ Neo 3600MHz cl16 ddr4 ram 2 sticks

Asus rog strix 850 w PSU

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