Bluetooth blocked broke

Apr 11, 2020
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Has anyone else found Bluetooth connection blocked or broken just after the Cumulative Update (KB 4524570) ?
After checking for obvious reasons and solutions on my own I finally admitted defeat after seeing several posts on other reputable forums saying it is caused by a security issue within the Firewall blocking the connection but still recognising and offering to connect then immediately blocking it yet saying this device is connected / installed etc.). Last Cumulative Update from version 1903 to version 1909. This time period is the only thing changed just prior to it working fine. Since then I have gone thru another 3 sets of earbuds which get destroyed tripping over the tethering wires or rolling over them w/my office chair. I was so happy when my bluetooth earbuds by (Otium-dongle included) just days after receiving them. They connected perfectly (plug and play) to my other PC/Linux Mint-Tessa and still work never an issue yet.
I HATE BEING TETHERED DOWN Please tell me someone found a workaround or Windows finally fixed it.

P.S. The sellers/manufacturers of the bluetooth earbuds even sent me a total refund after there tech support could not find a solution and said Windows will have to publish a workaround.


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