Cannot get into win 10 forum

Sep 17, 2016
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I am haveing a heck of time getting in win 10 forum!!! every time. I try it kicks me out and start over again. Finally I decided on a different tack! I used my uncles name which is joezeldin, I made up his email which is removed, and finally his password which is removed . Lo and behold I got in !!!!!
I tried use my old name which was kaschiro1 and could not remember the pass word. I tried to get it to change and it would not work. So I reverted to using joezeldin's name and was able to get in I cannot get into his gmail. I am satisfied using joe's entry. Can you change his email to removed and that way you can write to me and I can answer. I do not mind using his name and I can sign either Joe or Kas.
I have just switched browser and am using chrome which I like because it kills commercial ( well most of them) His password is easier to remember,
Looking forward to your prompt reply,
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Oct 27, 2013
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Hi, I've edited out those e-mail addresses as it's not a good idea to post them in public, as spammers could pick them up. I've also removed the password.

You can change your e-mail address using this page ( and update it to whatever you would like. I had a look at your other "kaschiro1" account and it seems to work fine, so if you are having problems remaining logged in, you may need to clear your cookies (this will log you out of ALL sites however!).

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