Can't install 10/31/15 Windows 10 Update on Win 7 Dell Desktop

Dec 31, 2015
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I have tried a "clean boot." I have tried using MS's "Download Update Tool" (it never finishes or completes), and I tried restarting the Windows Updater in Services. No matter what I try I only get an "Error" when clicking to download the 10/31/15 Win 10 update in Control Panel.

I want to update to Win10 on my Dell Inspiron dual core 3.2/6 GB Ram Win 7 64-bit desktop. I know I can go to MS's website and use the link there to update to Win 10 or burn an ISO image/USB. But if I do that won't I lose all of my personal files and programs and my personal programs.

I can save my personal files to an external hard drive, and if it wasn't for losing my subscription antivirus, I would use the download link at MS' website to update to Win 10. It is losing my subscription antivirus (McAfee) that I am worried about.

Can anyone give advice on how to update to Win 10 without losing my subscription antivirus?

Thanks in advance.

Oct 31, 2015
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First off, I would not use Anti antivirus as I use Defender and the firewall backed up by Ccleaner and Malwarebytes ($50 annually) . However, to be constructive, I would offer this; If you do lose your anti virus after the upgrade you can contact their support and they will gladly help you restore it. You may need to prove that you purchased it so if you have no receipt I would contact them in advance of the upgrade to confirm that they will restore it. Here is a link to McAfee Support;
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Nov 19, 2013
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Your subscription anti-virus, might just be what is preventing you from successfully upgrading.
If you are paying for it, then you own it and reinstalling should not be a problem, after the upgrade to Windows 10.
Personally, I would uninstall it and then I would run their vendor specific, proprietary removal tool to get rid of any remnants (every top tier Anti-Virus vendor has one, just google it).
Restart the computer and try the upgrade.
Performing an upgrade from a local resource, like a mounted ISO, or an ISO that is burnt to a DVD or USB ThumbDrive, is no different than performing it realtime on line. IF anything it might just be a bit quicker and possibly more reliable.

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