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May 9, 2021
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Hi ..

I'm using Windows 10, my Windows default language is English, my second input language is Arabic ,

how can i change the Font of my Second language ( Arabic ) ?

Thanks ....


May 6, 2015
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Interesting. Are there many Windows font choices for Arabic? I worked on a bilingual Farsi/ English system a long time (before the internet) ago and it used a 'font' specified by the Persian Government.( before Khomeini ) But as there are various regional forms of Arabic I guess there are different fonts as well? How much automation is there? When I did this there was a lot of fiddling with initial forms, middle form and trailing forms of letters, the written text on the screen ( in Farsi) had to be as an educated Persian would see was correctly formed.

I presume the screen starts adding characters right to left?

Any Windows machine would have plenty of cpu and a high enough screen resolution to do this well.... but the microprocessor my team had available had only just enough
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