Chromium Edge/Quicken Problem

Apr 12, 2015
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I've written Microsoft several times about a Chromium Edge/Quicken problem. Nothing has been done to correct the problem yet. However, Microsoft did state one time the problem had been identified and would be fixed, but it wasn't.

The problem occurs when attempting to use the split-screen mode to place Quicken in a left pane and (for example) a checking account in a right pane, Quicken takes over the entire screen. If Internet Explorer is used for the right pane, the problem doesn't occur. That is, Quicken occupies the left pane, and (for example) a credit-card account occupies the right pane. Also, I don't think the problem occurred with the original version of Edge. The problem began when the Chromium version of Edge was released.

I've posted this problem on this site before but, thus far, have been ignored. I've also reported the problem to Quicken, but they have done nothing to correct the problem.

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