Create Batch File for Logging into another User Account

Aug 16, 2015
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This seems simple enough, just need to know the syntax. I am assuming a batch file would be low level enough to allow me to be able to log into another account with the click of a button.

The setup is, we share this computer, and I want a very easy way for my in-laws (technology-inept) to login to their accounts, and not mess up my main account.

Ideally, I want a single icon that they can click, that will execute a series of steps. Namely, keep the active user logged in, but switch and login to their account, a process that right now is several mouse clicks and they often get confused.

Is there a batch file, or maybe something in VB that would let me accomplish this? Again, I just want one icon, that when pressed will switch to another user account, and let them login, without having to go through several different steps. Thanks


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